Common Sense Reform

Common Sense Reform

Fair Enforcement of the Laws for All.
How we enforce our laws is a poignant indicator of the health of our free and democratic society.  Therefore, fair and consistent enforcement of the law for ALL people, regardless of race, gender, or immigrant status is critical to our collective success and prosperity.  Therefore, the D.A.’s office must work to recognize and address racial, gender, and economic disparities and implicit bias within the judicial system.  Fair enforcement must include efforts to address mass incarceration and the devastation resulting therefrom in economically depressed communities and treat with dignity and compassion the unique vulnerabilities of undocumented immigrants. 

End Mass Incarceration through Proactive Diversion and Restorative Justice.
Diversion has become a potent resource in establishing accountability and consequences for criminal infraction while providing an opportunity to the offender to pave a positive path forward. The D.A.’s Office, under my direction, will expand the use and capacity of Diversion Courts, including for Mental Health, Veterans, Drug Treatment Court, and DUI.  Pre-plea diversions, youth offender diversions (17-25), officer-led diversions, and restorative justice will play a vital role in the effort to ensure rehabilitation of young and first-time offenders to prevent future crimes.  Diversion and restorative justice techniques will also serve a significant role in addressing the school-to-prison pipeline and juvenile offenses. These efforts will be coordinated with an office-wide review whose goal will be to eliminate unnecessary incarceration so that we only incarcerate those who are truly a threat rather than those with whom we are merely angry.

End Private Prisons.
Private prisons have no place in American society or Colorado and, as DA, I will support every effort to abolish them.

End Money Bail.
Almost 50% of the detainees in the Jefferson County jail have never been convicted of a crime and yet are held due to their inability to pay for their bail.  This goes against our fundamental constitutional guarantee of the presumption of innocence and makes no sense when we face a crises of constant jail overpopulation, and the county without the financial resources to pay for it.  We have undertaken several efforts at bail reform and the problem remains.  As D.A., my office will advocate for the abolishment of money reform, and its replacement with a system like the Federal release/no release system. In the meantime, my office will reserve asking for bail for only more serious crimes and those who are truly a danger to society.

Body Cameras for Every Officer
Under my leadership, the District Attorney’s Office will work with local police agencies to acquire grant and other funding to ensure that every officer in the District is equipped with a functioning body camera to accurately record all incidents and cases.